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Our Vision is Clear, Our Rock is Solid, and the Joy of the Lord is Our Strength.

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    Our Ministries

    Administrative Assistants

    Administrative Assistants aids the Church Administrator in task related to event planning, advertising, and any task as assigned by the Church Administrator.

    Altar Workers

    Altar Workers assist all who come to the altar for prayer and spiritual guidance during all of our worship services. This position is also by appointment. Altar Workers report directly to the Lead Adjutants.

    Culinary Team

    The Culinary Team prepares for “Food Fundraisers” and “Feed the Hungry” initiatives along with meals that are provided between services.

    Encouragement Team

    The Encouragement Team supports the entire congregation by ministering to absentee members offer prayer and godly counsel. Additionally, this team makes contact with visitors informing them about church ministry, identifying their current spiritual state, and making newcomers feel welcomed.

    Evangelism Team

    This team consist of trained, compassionate workers who have a desire to spread the Gospel in various neighborhoods.

    Greeters / Youth Greeters Ministry

    They are “the doorkeepers” warmly greeting guests and distributing/collecting appropriate materials to our members and visitors.

    Healthcare Ministry

    This team attends to the needs of others in case of injury or sickness.

    Intercessory Prayer Team

    Prayer Warriors intentionally seek God to intercede on behalf of the health and wealth of our nation, the Church (both local and universal), our spiritual leaders, and congregation. All are welcome to join. Teleconference number and passcodes are listed in bulletin.

    Men’s Ministry

    The official name for this ministry is “Iron Sharpens Iron”. The ministry actively emphasizes on the transformation of all men, their sons, and the community of men as a whole into the likeness of Christ. They maintain the Biblical truth that men are spiritual leaders in the homes. Therefore, the group aims to encourage and strengthen all men to have a closer walk with God and with one another.

    Social Media Ministries

    This ministry is dedicated to providing a “presence” on the Internet via Facebook, Church Website, and Church Blog site. These sites are used in conjunction to spread the Gospel, advertise the Church’s public worship events, collect donations, and provide the public information about our mission and vision.

    Worship and Arts Ministries

    This category consist of four ministries dedicated to worshipping God through music, singing, and dance.

    Joyful Noise Choir

    This choir is dedicated to uplifting God in praise with their      voices.


    Our musicians use their musical talent to support the Joyful Noise Choir and Praise and Worship teams.

    Dance Team

              This team encourages and motivates the congregation through 

              creative praise dancing.

    Praise and Worship Team

               This team leads the congregation and corporate worship  

               encounter with God.

    Women’s Ministry

    The official name for this ministry is “Ladies of Joy”. All women upon joining the Mount Joy Family are automatically a member of this ministry.  This ministry is designed for the women of the congregation to encourage each other, minister to the lost, and edify one another

    Youth Ministry

    The Youth Ministry is dedicated to the discipleship, fellowship, and providing Biblical fundamentals to our youth. It is designed to provide youths with the Christian foundation to prepare themselves for a lifetime walk in Christianity.